"Diana was caring and understanding, yet still challenged me and pushed me to a very high level.”

Sarah Ohanian


June 2014

To Whom it May Concern: this is a letter of support for Diana Morgan, my private flute teacher.

I have been studying with Diana for over a year, and began lessons with her when my teacher who was moving away highly recommended her. I was about to begin preparing for music school auditions and she felt confident Diana would help me succeed. Coincidentally, Diana was directing a masterclass with Jim Walker at Colburn that I had recently been accepted to. Right away, Diana helped me with all the music I was going to be performing in the masterclass and I felt very excited about what we had already accomplished in a short amount of time. My nerves regarding the masterclass quickly dissipated as she told me exactly what the class would be like and what to expect. During the class, I developed a close bond to Jim Walker, who will be my teacher next year at USC.

In the midst of my senior year of high school, I was overwhelmed with the chaos of
music school auditions, orchestra concerts, and AP classes. Diana was caring and understanding, yet still challenged me and pushed me to a very high level of playing. She supported all of my pursuits, both musically and academically.

Recording pre-screening auditions can be hectic, but Diana helped me immensely by communicating with my pianist and securing a location for recording. She also provided the technology needed to produce high quality video and audio. As a result, I passed the pre-screenings for all 12 universities and conservatories that I applied to. Additionally, she gave me valuable advice about how to approach music school auditions.

My lessons with Diana have always been very structured and organized and she always makes sure we get to everything I need to play. I start with warm-ups and etudes, get into pieces and orchestral excerpts I'm working on, and if there is time we sight-read a duet together. She always makes sure I am comfortable with my parts in orchestra, in addition to music for recitals, concerts, and auditions.

This year I was accepted into many competitive flute studios, such as the USC Thornton School of Music, where I received a music scholarship. I was also selected to perform concertos with wind ensemble and orchestra, played with the National High School Honors Orchestra, and won scholarship money from various competitions. I have also performed in numerous recitals this year, and Diana went above and beyond to put together a "senior" recital so that all of the students in her studio auditioning for music school could have an opportunity to perform their audition music for an audience.

I grew so much more in a year than I thought was possible, and I am so excited to study flute next year at USC. I owe all my success to Diana, and give her my highest recommendation.


Sarah Ohanian


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