"Diana Morgan is a stunning flutist with a brilliant technique, a rich and beautiful tone and very strong musical instincts.”

Jeanne Baxtresser

Former Principal Flute,

New York Philharmonic

Diana Morgan teaches private flute lessons in Los Angeles and is always excited to meet and work with dedicated, aspiring flutists, regardless of age and level.  She has worked with beginner and advanced students for over 15 years. 


I remain deeply committed to my work as a teacher because it provides me with the opportunity to connect personally with individual students in order to communicate what I know best: the mechanics and the artistry of flute playing and a genuine love of music.

In a reciprocal process of learning, I seek to establish a balanced environment of comfort and challenge. The freedom to play can only come with commitment to practice. My students learn scales, technical etudes and orchestral excerpts in addition to the standard solo flute repertoire.

I believe an understanding of music theory is foundational to an effective curriculum and the ability to improvise as well as to compose are invaluable skills. These have all been essential aspects of my own formation and are fundamental to my teaching.

I address directly the realities of auditions, competitions and the development of stage presence. I help prepare students using self-calming mechanisms with the ultimate goal of encouraging them to strive for excellence regardless of age or level. My home recording studio allows me to assist students with creating audition and pre-screening audio and video.

My students have been accepted to the University of University of Southern California, Colburn Conservatory, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Michigan, San Francisco Conservatory, Yale University, SUNY Purchase, Oberlin Conservatory,  Mannes School of Music, Bard College, American Youth Symphony, Debut Symphony Orchestra, Tangelwood Institute at Boston University, Los Angeles Youth Orchestra, Junior Chamber Music, MENC All-National Honor Ensemble, Colburn Wind Ensemble and Youth Orchestra, Idyllwild Arts Academy and summer festival, Northern California Flute Camp, CODA/CBDA All-State orchestra/bands and the SCSBOA All-Southern honor orchestra/bands.

I have been privileged beyond measure to have been mentored by two of the world's masters of the flute, Jeanne Baxtresser and Jim Walker. I am honored to think that the love they have for the instrument I have chosen could flow through all of my work and most particularly, my teaching. If gratitude is the highest form of praise, my gratitude to them is eternal and the spirit of their work will be passed on in all that I do.

What students have to say:


"Talented musicians don't always make great teachers—and vice-versa. But in Diana, I've found both, and feel lucky to have access to a flutist of her caliber. I can say—as an adult student who has taken lessons from other teachers—that Diana taught me more about tone and technique in our first few lessons than I learned in my entire first year. She's the perfect balance between not-letting-you-get-away-with-bad-habits on the one hand, and being supportive and encouraging on the other. You could find another flute teacher, but keep in mind you'd be settling for second-best.‎"

Dominique Sanz-David
Adult Student


"My 13-year old daughter and I have taken lessons from Diana for four years and we have no intention of stopping! Not only is she an outstanding performer, she is a flute teacher of the highest caliber. She is at once appropriately demanding and nurturing. As a young musician running her own teaching business, she is the most organized and punctual that I have experienced. We consider our lessons a weekly gift. She has been an incredible role model for my daughter and a wonderful friend and music mentor for me.‎”

Kristen Hodess
Adult Student & Parent


"I have had a lot of flute teachers and Diana is definitely the best teacher I've taken lessons with. Her lessons address all the different aspects of flute playing: finger dexterity, tone, intonation, embouchure flexibility, and most of all complete control over what you're playing. I play principal flute in the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra, and as I'm heading off to Yale I feel confident that with Diana's help, I now have the tools to continue playing and improving both as a soloist and as an orchestral musician."

Ling Li
High School Student


"Diana is a great teacher because she is the best of two worlds: she plays beautifully and gracefully AND she is a gifted teacher. After three years of study with her, I have improved so much! She is the only music teacher I have had who has coached me through all the aspects of performing. She also taught me about the utmost importance of positive thinking, which also helped me improve in my academic studies in school. I believe this sets her apart from all the other music teachers - her ability to extend the lessons learned on the flute to real life.  Diana also helped me record pieces to send to colleges. With her help, the three Ivy league colleges I applied to opened their doors to me. The orchestra director of the Princeton University orchestra even emailed me to tell me that he had recommended me to the admissions dean after hearing my recording! Even though I intend to become a physician when I grow up, I know my life has been changed for the better because of music, and I am grateful that Diana was there every step of the way to help me achieve my best on the flute."

Heejae Yang
Brown University (class of 2016)


"Diana Morgan has only been working with our 10 year old girl for 11 weeks so far, and her lessons are very good, indeed. Diana is professional, punctual, graceful with her instruction and kind with her encouragement. At this early stage in her work with a beginning flute player, she is succeeding in teaching music as well as sharing her appreciation for it.‎”

Andy Clark


"Diana has taught my daughter for over a year now and her confidence and skills have improved dramatically. Diana is very professional and her demeanor with the student is superb. She is always on time for the lesson and is flexible when the lesson needs to be rescheduled. Diana takes great interest in the student beyond just being a flute teacher and she has a wonderful rapport with my daughter while pushing her to continuously challenge herself.‎”

Steve Jarmus


"Diana is such a wonderful teacher! She has exceeded my expectations compared to my previous teachers. I feel motivated by not only her encouraging words but also by the fact that she is so accomplished. She is a wonderful role model for all young flute players!!‎”

Ora Rosenbaum
High School Student


Additionally: Read a reference letter from Sarah Ohanian, student.

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